Good Reasons to buy a home:

  • Interest rates are at an all time low
  • It is beneficial to own rather than rent since it is a tax write off
  • The Texas market has more affordable housing than any other state in the United States
  • There are many down payment assistance programs for 1st time home buyers that can get a buyer in for under $500.00

If you are a buyer, it does not cost you anything to use a Realtor. A Realtor can put their experience, expertise and knowledge to work for you in helping you to achieve the proper financing to suit your needs, help with first time home buyer programs and look out for you best interest in finding new or resale homes. There is a lot to know about first time home ownership which requires guidance and care. There are a s lot of do’s and don’ts of purchasing. Give us a call today and let one of our agents represent you!

Why Buyers should use a Realtor?

  1. There are a lot of things to know about purchasing a home, and if you have never purchased before, you will need a lot of guidance. This is more than likely the largest purchase you have ever made, so why not let a professional help? Since using a Realtor does not cost you any money if you are BUYING a home, A REALTOR can put their experience to work for you in assisting with getting prequalified for a loan, finding out how much you can afford, Simplify your search to find the home and the neighborhood that meets your criteria. A Realtor will look out for Your Best Interest from the home purchase all the way to closing!
  2. Realtors can assist with NEW HOME PURCHASES, RESALE homes, INVESTMENT PROPERTIES, and FORECLOSED PROPERTIES. You do not get a better deal purchasing a new home without a Realtor! Once you are qualified for a loan, your Realtor will compile a list of properties to meet your specifications and arrange tours of the homes and point out advantages and disadvantages of the properties.
  3. It is not a good idea to ride around in your car and call off of signs to see properties. This can be a complete waste of time . If you ride past a home that is for sale that you want to see, then it is a good idea to write down the address and give this information to your Realtor and view it on the HOME search button on this web site. The listing agent represents the Seller, while it is more beneficial for a buyer to have a BUYERS agent working for your best interest to represent YOU!
  4. FOR SALE BY OWNERS properties can sometimes be overpriced. If the seller has had no guidance on pricing the home, then a home can end up being substantially overpriced. A Realtor can pull a market Analysis before an offer is made to determine the Fair Market Value of the home.
  5. A Realtor can help you to stay on top of local Market Conditions to help you make informed decisions before submitting an offer on a home.

Steps to purchasing

  1. Buyer calls Realtor and is told that it does not cost you any money to use a Realtor if you are a buyer. It is very important to only work with one Realtor!
  2. Realtor gets buyer pre-qualified with a lender to see how much the buyer can afford!
  3. The amount of money the buyer has saved is discussed to determine what loan program the buyer needs to use and if there is enough to pay closing cost.
  4. Location and specifics on what is important to the buyer are discussed to determine the area of town the buyer wants to purchase in and if you want to look at new and resale homes.
  5. Realtor and buyer look on the internet and choose homes that the buyer thinks will fit their needs. Appointments are scheduled and the search begins! It’s an exciting time!
  6. The buyer finds the home “they want to call their own”. The realtor runs comparative sales in the neighborhood to check market value for the area. An offer is discussed, written up and submitted. Let the negotiating begin!
  7. The offer gets accepted, the offer is sent to the Mortgage Company and Title Company to process. Inspections are lined up (mechanical and termite). The buyer turns in all documentation to the loan officer and get insurance on the home. The appraisal is done, the survey gets done, the buyers are all excited! The sellers are happy too! Everybody goes to closing and all paperwork is signed. When all paperwork is completed by both parties, the escrow officer will get a “funding number” from the mortgage company. When the loan is funded the buyer gets their keys!
  8. Everybody lives happily ever after! It may not all end up being quite this simple, but you get the idea!

Free Mortage Qualtification:

Countrywide, Pam Rosario

The first step to homebuying is to see what you qualify to purchase. A loan officer will look at your debt to income ratio and let you know how much you can afford or what dollar amount your loan can be approved for. You will need to fill out a loan application.

Quick Start Home Loan

Calculators – From Countrywide

How Much Can I Afford
Can I Afford This House
What’s My Payment?
Down Payment
Closing Cost Estimator
Is Now A Good Time to Refinance?
Payment Estimator
Discount Point Breakeven Calculator
15, 30, 40 Year Term Comparison
Amortization Schedule
Early Payoff

Write down some of the things that would be important to you in purchasing a home and the location or area or community you would like to live in. Your Realtor will help with your search on finding the perfect home to fit your needs!

Lease Buyout

We also do “Lease Buyouts” if you let us represent you on your new home sale. If it cost money to get out of your lease, then we will reimburse you for it at the closing of the new home.