A market analysis is free to determine what your home is worth. Comparible sales are shown on the “Active” and “Sold” properties in your neighborhood that have similar age and square footage to come up with a value. This is the same information that appraisers use to determine value. Market value continuously changes therefore comparitive sales are pulled that are no more than 6 months old. Remember a competitive price is what sells.

Tips for listing your home:

Remember – price is what sells! If your home is NOT in top condition, price it accordingly! Your Listing price should depend on the condition of your home. If it’s a fixer upper, then put a fixer upper price on it!

Curb appeal: it is important to stage your home for showings, starting with the exterior curb appeal. Fluff up your flower beds, add mulch and color. Repair any rotten wood or chipping paint.

Carpet & paint condition: the condition of paint and carpet are very important. It is a big negative to be too colorful in a home. Every room painted a different color does not help to sell a home. Neutrals are very popular and sometimes a paint allowance needs to be offered if the color scheme is too bizarre. The same thing applies with carpet. If you replace carpet, make sure it is a neutral (beige is nice). You would never want to choose blue or a rose color and then wonder why buyers are asking for a carpet allowance.

Cleanliness and odor: it is important to de-clutter your home starting with counter tops, closets, garages, storage shed, etc. Since you will be moving anyway, get rid of all items that you are not using . You may have to rent a storage space to keep things you do not want to get rid of. Too much furniture in a room can make it look small. Sometimes just re-arranging can make a room look larger. De-clutter the closets as well to make them look larger. Don’t wait for negative feedback from your agent before you do this. Your realtor will give you feedback from your showings. If you repeatedly hear the same comments, then you should sit up and pay attention! The market is talking to you and you need to listen. It is important to make your home smell fresh and clean! Air fresheners & good smelling candles can help. Remember, this is your one time chance to impress the prospective buyer!

Pets: It is very important to kennel indoor pets if you are leaving for showings. Some buyers will not even enter a home if they hear a dog barking. It should also be in all showing instructions as to the location and if there are any pets in the home, kennel, yard, or garage. Be very aware of pet odors as well. Sometimes it’s easy to get immune to pet odors of indoor pets if we around them all of the time.

Updates and repairs: updates in your home are very important. Make a list of any updates that you have done to your home on fixtures, faucets, appliances, flooring, painting, countertops, roof, a/c, heating system, any improvements! Give this list to your realtor to post in the MLS and on your flyers for your home. This list will let your prospective buyer know all of the great things you have done. Prepare your own repair list of “things to do” before you list your home. If a buyer sees evidence of visible repairs, they may think the home is not well cared for. Any known defects MUST be disclosed on the “seller disclosure notice”